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Who we are

FuneralPartner was founded in with a vision to connect funeral businesses, customers and their family and friends in new ways and give customers new tools to play a greater role. With news ways of connecting and collaborating we seek to greatly improve customer experience and to make funerals and memorials more engaging and enriching. We aim to keep it simple and focus on ease of use and customer service.

We are an independent provider of services - we are not owned by any funeral home and we aim to make our service available to all businesses and individuals anywhere in the world, to create and share funeral information instantly. FuneralPartner can be used by any person, funeral home or professional service provider.

FuneralPartner's head office is located in Edinburgh Avenue, Canberra ACT 2601, Australia.

Our company

FuneralPartner Pty Ltd is committed to high standards of corporate governance and a corporate governance framework which supports its long-term performance and sustainability. FuneralPartner regularly reviews its corporate governance arrangements and practices to ensure they reflect developments in regulation, practice and expectations.

FuneralPartner's code of conduct policy sets the company's expectations of its people when engaging with each other and customers. The policy is critical to achieving our vision of enhancing the wellbeing of people, businesses and communities and upholding the values of integrity, accountability, collaboration, excellence and service. The policy includes eight commitments to be made by all FuneralPartner's people:

  • I commit to the vision of enhancing the wellbeing of people, businesses and communities;
  • I commit to upholding our values of integrity, accountability, collaboration, excellence and service;
  • I commit to honesty;
  • I commit to maintaining confidentiality;
  • I commit to disclosing and managing conflicts of interest;
  • I commit to appropriate use of technology and communications;
  • I commit to operating in a safe and inclusive manner; and
  • I commit to understanding and fulfilling all aspects of my role.


FuneralPartner news

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With customers at the heart of everything we do, we're focused on helping people and businesses create beautiful funerals and lasting memorials. We strive to deliver seamless experiences, in smart, innovative ways.

A workplace of the future, FuneralPartner aims to foster diversity and inclusion so that all its people feel valued and respected. Our people are able to bring their different backgrounds and unique perspectives to our collaborative environment, and are supported to share ideas, initiatives, talent and energy, making a positive impact on colleagues, customers and our business.

It's what makes FuneralPartner a place of opportunity, where your skills can take you in unexpected directions and you can achieve great things.

Interested in a career with us?

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