Arranging a Funeral

Choice of funeral arrangement

Arranging a funeral, memorial or cremation service can be a difficult process but is a situation that many of us will have to face at some point. The grief of having lost a loved one is compounded by having to make so many decisions about and arrangements for a service, which can be both time consuming and costly.

FuneralPartner helps funeral professionals and their customers to work together to arrange a funeral and a lasting memorial and to communicate with family and friends.

If you need to find a funeral director or celebrant, then you should start with a search of your chosen locality, both on the internet and by asking trusted family and friends for a recommendation. We do not endorse any particular funeral professionals so you should search to find one that suits your needs and your budget. It's okay to shop around to compare options and to ask for itemised quotes.

Cremations are considerably cheaper than burial, and you can also consider a 'direct committal' if you're looking for a low cost funeral without a formal service. You can have a direct cremation and still use FuneralPartner's services, for example to prepare an obituary and arrange a memorial service or informal gathering and create a memorial page.

When arranging a funeral there is a lot to consider and arrange, including:

Method of interment

  • Will the deceased be buried or entombed?
  • Will the deceased be cremated? If so, will the cremated remains be buried, entombed, scattered or kept by the family?
  • Will the body be donated to science? Will organs be donated?


  • Will there be a traditional funeral with the casket present or a memorial service without the presence of the casket? Will both types of services be held or no ceremonies at all?
  • Where will the ceremonies be held? At a funeral home? At a place of worship? At the graveside? At a place special to the deceased or the family?
  • Will there be one or more visitations? If so, will the casket be open or closed?
  • Will the deceased be embalmed?
  • Who will participate in the funeral ceremonies? Celebrant? Clergy? Pallbearers? Flowerbearers? Speakers? Musicians or singers?
  • Will the ceremonies feature certain music, readings, or tributes?
  • Will there be a procession to the cemetery? Will the deceased be transported in a hearse? Will family travel in a limousine?

Extra costs

In addition to the costs quoted by the funeral director, some extra services that you may need to allow for include:

  • Funeral products such as caskets, burial vaults, and urns (which can be purchased from a funeral home, but it is also possible to buy these items yourself).
  • Honorariums/fees for the services of clergy.
  • Honorariums/fees to religious organizations for use of their churches or sanctuaries for funeral services.
  • Fees for the services of musicians and vocalists.
  • Floral arrangements.
  • Clothing for the deceased.
  • Food and beverages for luncheons and other receptions.