Thank You Cards and Sympathy Cards

Sending Thank You Cards lets you thank family and friends who have provided help, support, and sympathy and those who attended a funeral or memorial service. There are so many people to thank and acknowledge.

For those who have been notified of or attended a funeral, sending a Sympathy or Condolence Card to the family can be a greatly appreciated gesture of condolence, sympathy or moral support. So FuneralPartner lets family and friends send Sympathy Cards for free from the deceased's memorial page.

Writing a special Thank You Card or Sympathy Card can be challenging, particularly during a time of grief when it's hard to find the right words to express thanks, sympathy and condolence.

It's easy with FuneralPartner - choose from our beautiful card designs, then use our text and prompts to add your desired messages and include a poem, quote, or scripture from our collection.

All our content is optional and is there to inspire and guide you. Use as much as you need and customise it. Then use FuneralPartner to send or share the Card.

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