A Eulogy is the main speech or tribute given during a funeral or memorial service to memorialise the deceased and celebrate their life. A Eulogy is normally delivered by someone very close to the deceased who is best placed to honour them, such as a close family member or lifelong friend.

Writing a fitting Eulogy can be both challenging and rewarding, particularly during a time of grief. A thoughtful Eulogy gives you the privilege of paying tribute to a life well lived. The best Eulogies paint a picture of the life of the deceased, including their family, friends, career, personality, passions, interests and legacy.

FuneralPartner helps you to create a special Eulogy that's right for your loved one by prompting you through the writing process with easily customisable options and a rich collection of poems, quotes, readings, prayers or scripture that you can include. All our content is optional and customisable - use as much as you need or simply be inspired to write your own in the space provided.

It's easy with FuneralPartner - choose a theme and a beautiful design, customise the Eulogy to write about the deceased, then save. You can come back to change or finish it later and you can also request help from a trusted family member or friend to add their memories or special tributes.

Once you're ready (we suggest after the eulogy has been delivered) you can share the Eulogy with family and friends through email or social media.

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