Frequently Asked Questions

A: FuneralPartner is a flexible service that helps you to arrange a funeral independently or to work collaboratively with any professional service providers you choose. It is possible to arrange your own or someone else’s funeral, but the process is not easy and there are regulatory requirements to be met (for example in relation to obtaining death certificates, and transport and disposal of the remains). If you want to arrange all aspects of a funeral yourself then your best option would be to discuss the possibility of a ‘direct cremation’ with your preferred crematorium to get advice on the process and requirements. Most people choose to appoint a funeral director or celebrant to arrange and conduct a funeral, including the burial or cremation, to ensure the process is well organised and runs smoothly. FuneralPartner can assist you to make proper arrangements and to communicate with family and friends no matter what type of funeral you choose.
A: Yes. You could use FuneralPartner to pre-plan a funeral for yourself or someone else, including writing an obituary, preparing the funeral program, even writing the eulogy, and simply save these for later use or share them with a loved one so they know your wishes. Or you could work with your chosen funeral director to formally pre-plan the funeral using FuneralPartner.
A: No. FuneralPartner does not recommend particular funeral homes or funeral directors although any funeral home could use our service. We suggest that you search for funeral homes in your local area to find one with a good reputation that best meets your needs and your budget. Remember that it's okay to shop around to find one that's right for you.
A: Yes. All our documents including our obituaries allow you to customise them by changing the words as you see fit. We also have a selection of poems and verse that you may include if you wish, but you can insert your own favourites instead. Our options are there for your convenience.
A: Yes. All our documents can be printed in PDF format. You can print them on a standard printer or have them printed professionally at your preferred printer to achieve a more professional finish.
A: There are a large number of people and organisations you may need to notify if someone has died, which will vary depending on the country you live in. Many organisations, such as government authorities and banks, will require you (normally the Executor) to provide documentation such as a certified copy of a death certificate, particularly to execute the Will. To reduce the risk of identity fraud and minimise the administrative burden, it is highly recommended that you notify organisations such as these promptly:
  • Government authorities – the taxation office, social security, electoral office, veterans’ services, local councils, vehicle registration and licensing authorities.
  • Banking and finance - banks, credit unions, mutuals, credit providers, insurers, superannuation funds.
  • Clubs and religious institutions, or other organisations the deceased was a member of.
  • Employers.
  • Executor of the Will and family and friends.
  • Foreign pension authority (if in receipt of a foreign pension).
  • Funeral bond or funeral insurance agency and/or funeral director if a pre-paid funeral exists.
  • Health fund and health professionals (e.g. doctor, physiotherapist, dentist, podiatrist, optometrist).
  • Landlord.
  • Professionals (e.g. solicitor, accountant, financial planner).
  • Public services (e.g. library).
  • Telecommunication providers (e.g. phones, internet, cable subscriptions).
  • Utilities (e.g. gas, electricity and water companies).
  • Postal service.
A: Signing up for an account with FuneralPartner is free and gives you the ability to use FuneralPartner's services. Even if you're just visiting the FuneralPartner site to view funerals, there are still advantages to creating a free account. For example you can add an existing funeral, such as a funeral you are attending or previously attended, to your 'My funerals' list so you can quickly find and view the funeral at any time. And if at any time in the future you want to use FuneralPartner to arrange or contribute to a funeral, then you'll already have an account that you can continue to use.
A: You have several options. You could contact the funeral organiser and ask them to re-send you the information. Or you could search for the funeral from the home page by typing the name of the deceased into the search bar to find the funeral and access the funeral information. Alternatively, if you have a free account, then sign in and search for the funeral from your personal account page and then add the funeral to your 'My funerals' list so you can always fund the funeral in the future.
A: While there is a wide variety of popular songs and music for funerals, a good place to start is by considering the deceased's favourite music or songs that were special to him or her. If you're using a funeral director it's a good idea to check they have an appropriate licence to be able to play any copyrighted music at the funeral (such licences are usually obtainable through their professional associations). A range of popular music options can be found in our section on 'Prayers, Readings and Music".
A: FuneralPartner currently provides six varied music options to choose from to accompany a slideshow, for which we hold the appropriate music licenses. If you wish to watch the slideshow while listening to different music, then we suggest you simply mute our music and play your own music instead while the slideshow is playing.
A: Yes. If you want to use a title such as Mr or Mrs, Dr, Prof, Sir or Dame, General, Sergeant, etc, then you can manually add this to any document in your desired location. All our documents can be customised so you can change the way that names and titles are presented as you wish.
A: Yes. Just use FuneralPartner as you would normally, entering the details for the funeral that has already occured. A key benefit of doing this is that you can still create a beautiful memorial page for your loved one and celebrate their life anew. It's also a great gift to future generations.
A: FuneralPartner understands that arranging a funeral is a collaborative effort, typically involving a contribution from a small group of close family and friends. For example sometimes siblings might like to all have some input into the eulogy for a parent, or family members might like to contribute their own photos to the photo gallery and slideshow. FuneralPartner makes this possible by the funeral organiser being able to invite helpers, who can then create and edit documents. It also enables collaboration between professionals and their customers. But inviting helpers is purely optional and is just a unique feature we offer our customers.
A: Everyone's life is unique and therefore the best funerals are ones that honour and reflect that uniqueness. One of FuneralPartner's features is the option to choose from six themes for a funeral which helps us to then provide you with a range of designs and content suggestions and options that correspond to that theme. Our themes include:
  • All people, which is a more general theme suitable for all types of people. This theme should be used unless you prefer one of our more specific themes.
  • Religious and spiritual, which is intended for those who want a religious or spiritual funeral.
  • Patriotism and service, which is intended for those who want a funeral that reflects military, police or other service duties.
  • Children and youth, which is intended for the funerals of babies, children and young people.
  • Humorous, which is intended for those who want a funny or light-hearted funeral.
  • Pets, which is intended only for pets.
A: FuneralPartner uses the Commonwealth Bank's CommWeb payment platform for all payments to FuneralPartner. CommWeb uses industry standard 256-bit SSL security in all data transmission. The padlock on the payment page signals that the cardholder is in a secure site. The cardholder’s credit card details are secured on the CommWeb servers by physical, network and software security. Cardholders’ credit card details are not collected or stored by FuneralPartner.