How it works

FuneralPartner helps you to arrange a funeral and memorial. You can create and share an Obituary, a Funeral or Memorial Service Program or Booklet, a Guest Book, a Eulogy, Thank You and Sympathy Cards, and a lasting Memorial Page that includes a Photo Gallery, Slideshow and Messages.

Funeral professionals can create items and then collaborate with their customers, and give them access to new tools to create a Eulogy, send Cards and add their photos.

Family and friends can visit the Memorial Page, sign the Guest Book, send Cards and contribute Messages.

All items created on FuneralPartner can become a part of a Memorial Page. After adding photos to a photo gallery, you can simply press play to watch them as a moving slideshow tribute, which can also be played at any service or gathering.

Using FuneralPartner involves these easy steps

1 register
2 choose
3 customise

It's free to sign up. Or simply sign in if you already have an account.

Choose a funeral theme, enter basic information about your loved one and the funeral. Add a photo.

You could choose to create an obituary, funeral program, guest book, eulogy, card, or memorial page.

4 personalise
5 ask
6 share

Choose a beautiful design. Then use our options to write personalised content and add poems, quotes and scriptures.

Invite a trusted helper to add their suggestions and special touches.

Purchase the item, then print or share via email or social media.

Signing up and getting started

Sign Up

To get started, simply click 'Sign Up' to create a free account. Enter your name, email address and password. You'll also be asked to confirm you've read and agreed to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. If you're registering as a professional you'll be asked to enter basic business details.

Then you'll need information about the deceased to help you create a fitting tribute. You can create and save drafts and return to them later to finalise.


See our pricing page for more information on our low cost services. It's free to sign up and we only charge to use our service if you are the funeral organiser.

Visitors can view funerals and contribute to memorial pages for free.


FuneralPartner makes it easier and saves yout time and money. It can cost many hundreds of dollars to prepare professional funeral documents and hundreds more to produce a slideshow, which we provide at a fraction of the cost. A lasting memorial can be visited time and again by loved ones.

Information required to get started

The basic information you'll need about the deceased to get started is their:

  • Gender
  • Full name and any nickname
  • Place of birth
  • Dates of birth and death
  • Place of residence
  • Occupation or profession (if relevant)
  • Details of any funeral service including the date, time and location

We use this information wherever we can to help you personalise the funeral content. You then add more information about their life story, interests and passions to create a special tribute to your loved one.

Inviting helpers

Need help? FuneralPartner's 'invite a helper' function enables funeral professionals and their customers to collaborate to arrange a funeral and memorial. You can write as much as you're able to and then invite a helper to add their suggestions or special memories too. A helper could even create new content for you. You'll automatically be notified when a helper has provided assistance.