Obituaries & Notices

An Obituary or Funeral Notice lets people know that a loved one has passed, and provides details of any funeral or memorial service. Obituaries and Notices can be brief, but they can also be used to tell aspects of the deceased's life story.

FuneralPartner helps you to create wonderful Obituaries and Notices by prompting you through the writing process with easily customisable options and a rich collection of poems, quotes, or scripture that you can include. All our content is optional and customisable - use as much as you need or simply be inspired to write your own in the space provided.

It's easy with FuneralPartner - choose a theme and a beautiful design, add details about the deceased and any service, customise the content, then save or share. If you save the Obituary you can come back to finish it later and also request help or a contribution from others.

Once you're ready you can share the Obituary with others through email or social media, or publish it.

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