It's free to sign up to FuneralPartner and there are no account fees. Visitors can also view funerals and memorial pages for free. We only charge to use the service after you create an item and then share or print it.
We aim to provide an affordable service with flexible pricing options to meet your needs, whether big or small. It can cost many hundreds of dollars to prepare professional funeral documents and hundreds more to produce a slideshow, which we provide at a fraction of the cost. We also offer a lasting memorial page that includes all of the funeral content and can be visited time and again by loved ones. See our prices below.

Item Cost1 Suitability Benefits
Single items $15 per item purchased:
  • Obituary $15
  • Funeral program $15
  • Eulogy $15
  • Thank you cards (unlimited number) $15
  • Memorial page $15.
Suitable if you only want to use FuneralPartner to prepare one or two items, for example just an obituary and a memorial page. Allows you to just use FuneralPartner in a specific area where you need help. For example you could send unlimited thank you cards for the one price, or just create a memorial page with a photo gallery and slideshow.
All items for a funeral
(personal user)2
$59.99 per funeral, with access to all of FuneralPartner's services. Suitable if you are arranging a funeral and want the flexibility to use all of our items. This is the most economical choice. Allows access to all items including the obituary, funeral program, eulogy, thank you cards and sympathy cards (unlimited number) and memorial page for the one low price.
All items for multiple funerals (business user)3 $49.99 per funeral, with access to all of FuneralPartner's services.

Or contact FuneralPartner if you wish to discuss a subscription fee per month instead.
Suitable for funeral directors, celebrants or other professionals who use FuneralPartner to arrange funerals for their customers. Allows access to all of FuneralPartner's services for multiple funerals at a reduced price.
1. All prices are in Australian dollars. Our secure payment system, powered by CommWeb, accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and JCB.
2. A personal user is an individual person who may create or view content on FuneralPartner on a casual or private basis.
3. A business user is a professional service provider such as a funeral director or celebrant who uses FuneralPartner to create content for customers on a commercial basis.